Google Chrome 21- A High Speed Browser

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"Chrome 21"

Chrome 21

The newer Google release of the Chrome 21 web browser is a fast and intense software application. It sports the basic functionality of high-speed access and implementation. With users wanting to get into the operation mode as quickly as possible, barring other elements of look and feel, this latest version delivers to the fullest.


One of the main features that require applause is the incorporation of the tool that substantially caters to the need of the visually handicapped people. The application supporting Apple’s VoiceOver feature is a feather in the cap of the latest Chrome 21 inspirations and integration. The characteristics of this feature; however, enable only the recognition of the initial association in any Bookmarks Bar files, but it is to be noted that Google is widening its horizons, not leaving anyone behind.

The other trademark aspects of the latest Chrome version suggest that Google has still stuck to the HTML5 video output, including its original WebM codec. The new presentation Full Screen option is integrated alongside the older mode and is supported wholly by Google. The Lion’s display option (high output that works excellently with Mac system and other gadgets) though welcome appears gawky when juxtaposed with the earlier Presentation style.

More Speed than Style

Not a one for imposing design and structural elegance, Chrome 21 is released as a pace-effective version rather than an aesthetically inclined adaptation. None other Mac-related browser is found more competent. Speed is the driving force behind this application that uses its own V8 JavaScript. If you look for a decent smooth-finish design, then Google’s Chrome 21 is not for you.

All words related to increased pace, quickness and other speed-related expressions have found a place in this new browser release that has no contenders to fight for supremacy against its technically fast engine output results.

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