Google Circles Now Creeps Into Gmail Too

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Google has been rebranding its web services and useful web gadgets for some time now and giving its sites a new look with the launch of its social network, the Google+. Google has started to use Google+ Circles in the Gmail interface as announced before in the official Gmail blog earlier in the week. The Google+ Circles feature has already been added to Gmail accounts.

New Features

On the left of the new Gmail interface, users will now find a link that brings up all your Google+ Circles in your account. Users now have the option to view the recent wall posts of your email contact in the right side of the Gmail interface beside your email message.

The Google+ Circles are also designed to act as email filters, to group messages from people in any specific circle. Thus by clicking the link of the Circles you can bring up all the emails of contacts in your circle.

Your email contacts will now be integrated into Google+. You contact list in Gmail is updated automatically when the contact details of people in your circles gets updated. But this feature assumes that people in the social network to update their contact information in their profiles page.

Now Share in Google+

Perhaps the most useful update that the integration of Google+ Circles in Gmail provides to users is the ability to share photos that are received in your emails. Gmail users can see that, between the normal ‘View’, and ‘Download’ links, there is a new link- ‘Share’. The image or photo can be shared in Google+ in your desired circles, and instant comment can be inserted too.

Google has said that it will extend the Gmail update to all Google+ users in a matter of a few days. The new features will be available to Google Apps users after a while.

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