Google Fiber Services Review

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Google Fiber

Google Fiber

Google is always on the lookout for new things and here we are the ‘Fiber for Communities’ internet, broadband service. Google has been pulling its own optic fiber cable through the Kansas City region bypassing local phone and cable companies. The results are fabulous the fastest broadband service ever! Moreover, you will have to pay only $70 per month for this ultra quick Google Fiber service.

Kansas City residents have been given about six weeks to preregister for the Google Fiber service. All services are available only if there are sufficient people preregistered in your neighborhood.

Features and Services

Kansas City was chosen last year for highlighting the service last year from a herd of contenders. The gigabit-speeds internet service at 1000 Mpbs for both download and upload will be more than 100 times faster than internet from a basic cable modem.

Google will provide a Fiber TV service too, and you will get a Nexus 7 tablet as a remote, or you can use your Chromebook. The channels missing surprisingly are ESPN, CNN, HBO, Fox News, and AMC though the channel lineup would be expanded later on. The Google Fiber TV will have 2TB of storage.

Also, offered is a slower internet connection that may be running at DSL speeds of 5Mbps if that is what all you require. This service will come at zero monthly charge for about 7 years without interruption if you pay them $300 as installation fee.

Does it really Matter?

Firstly, do not expect it anytime soon in your city. Moreover, a gigabit connection can be underwhelming when using the service like Skype. The gigantic thing is that there are no bandwidth caps even for Netflix. In addition, you have a Nexus slate remote. You can play cloud games and HD videos without slowing down the connection. The best thing is that the cable companies will have to go cheaper and faster.

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