Google and HTC Expected to Partner for Nexus 5

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"Nexus 5"

Nexus 5

The buzz in the websites and among bloggers is that Google will introduce its new phablet device Nexus 5 with mobile market leading name HTC. With Samsung and Apple as strong, established contenders in the smartphones arena, the move if it takes place will also place HTC in the toppers list.

The Heightened HTC Strategy

The Android OS integrated mobile phone Google Nexus 5 is recently contemplated to be already available in the form of HTC mobile products by the name of Droid Incredible X and One X 5 gadgets. There are a rumored number of novel features galore in Google’s new design. The incorporated popular Android 4.1.2 system also facilitates several advantageous traits.

  • Incorporates bug-fixing programs to prevent destruction through malicious software entry
  • Innovative Project Butter functionality
  • Improvised lock-screen facility

The speculations are ripe with questions and interpretations of whether the Nexus 5 gadget will sport a much sleeker and slimmer look and design than earlier Google Nexus model of the Samsung Galaxy device. The current guess work is that Google’s next Nexus gadget will possible be released this year, as the difference of time between usual release-to-release of the Nexus mobiles, graphed as an annual event.

More on Google Nexus 5 Smartphone

The gossiped pairing of HTC and Google have put forth and predicted the various phablet details. The presence of the much-awaited 4G LTE networking services is expected to put HTC in the success rate map juxtaposed with other vital functionalities.

  • High resolution display with 1080 pi strength
  • Integrated S4 Snapdragon Pro processor
  • High definition front and rear cameras of 2 MP and 12 MP picture quality capacity
  • Long and extended life with a 2,500 mAh battery
  • A memory storage space facility of 64 GB

As per market analysis, this will be the first phablet-of-its-kind for Google. The nexus will serve as a catalyst for the HTC firm in terms of increase in sales and capturing the Android market from the leading technology giant, Samsung. The formal news on the phablet merger is expected to be announced in few weeks, to come.

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