Google launches the music store online

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Music is the latest inclusion in the Google store and it is challenging and Apple store with its new product. At a splash event in California, the music store was launched on Wednesday. Four of the most famous music companies like Vivendi SA’s, Sony, and EMI have decided to provide this music store with sound tracks. But Warner Brothers have decided not to serve the store with soundtracks.

About the music store

The Google online music store is practically equipped with 13 million songs, to serve the android market and Smartphone apps. The user can get connect to the Online music store with various internet devises also share it with the friend list. The catalogue has been filled in a remarkably short time span said mike McGuire, an analyst, has said that it is only the beginning. The music store is relating to the cloud where they will be securely stored rather than in other devices. To tempt users even more Google is offering free downloads of varieties of songs each day.

The speculation

As soon as Google launched the music store its shares shot up to seventy five percent in the matter of hours. There is speculation that this step will earn a lot of revenues for Google. But it is to be noted that the android needs to facilitate from this music store. It has around 200 million users and if the android smart phones and tablets and if Google is able to lure them there will be no better proposition. Music critics have pointed out that the music market is going low in general, but it can be boosted with its application in various gadgets and networking sites.

Inviting friends and sharing the downloaded songs with them is a truly novel way to branch out business and Google store does this to reach out to more and more people.

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