Google Nexus 10 Review

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"Google Nexus 10"

Google Nexus 10

Google is aiming for bigger markets and trying to beat the iPad with its new Nexus 10. Although in looks, Google Nexus 10 resembles with Nexus 7 and with Nexus 4. This high resolution and retina quality tablet is of 7 inch and stands undeniably equally to the rival, iPad.

Other alluring features in Nexus 10 long battery life, content at fingertips and excellent performance. Nexus 10 for sure with these features tallies up with iPad specs. The users can get it for $399.

What makes Nexus 10 Great?

As compared to the cold and metallic built iPad, Nexus 10 from Google is perfectly comfortable. The speakers are thin, placed on both sides, and are perfectly implemented. The tablet weighs only 1.33 pounds. Nexus 10’s retina display makes it easier to watch a video from any angle. The software used is the Android 4.2, still a Jelly Bean.

The biggest enjoyable feature is the camera, which users can operate with the thumb. The battery of Nexus 10 is rock-solid. Compared to the performance of iPad or even the Nexus 7, the performance of the Google Nexus 10 is faster, smoother, and reliable. Users can open the whole mail. The users can truly enjoy high definition videos on the Nexus 10.

What goes missing?

Though Google Nexus 10 has loads of positive features, few things go missing. Resolution of Nexus 10 is 2560×1600. This does not make it right reading e-books and magazines, as in the iPad. The camera is not foremost in this new device from Google.

The applications are the ones that go missing than anything else. Even with $100 higher is iPad all the apps and accessories can be enjoyed in the iPad while in Nexus 10, without the apps, all the fun comes down.

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