Google Nexus versus Samsung Galaxy Nexus

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Google has announced that it does not need any smartphone because of its operating systems are already ruling the market. But the internet tycoons production of smartphones will get to see the best of Google innovations, in unadulterated form, untouched by manufacturers and carriers.

Software to rule smartphones and tablets

Taking the ICS into consideration, Google has proved its worth in both pones and tablets. This operating system called Ice Cream Sandwich has proved to rule both the gadgets and it has removed all options of physical buttons. It offers customised apps and tends to simplify the process of working with the tablet and phone. Apart from this it has been given access to even more useful features.

Google Nexus in lieu of Samsung Galaxy Nexus

The lucrative offers of apps have made consumers impatient, and it is for this reason that Samsung has gone a step ahead to deliver it before Christmas. The Galaxy Nexus resembles extremely closely to the last Google made Nexus with its curved form and slimness. It has a 4.65 inch screen display, 8.94mm in thickness and only 135 grams in weight. It is extremely comfortable to hold, it has a thatched plastic back.

But the difference is evident as soon as you turn the mobiles on. The entire five screen features are like transparent tool bars, and five apps can be access via shortcuts. The navigation is exceedingly straightforward and resides on the screen. Back and home options with the Google nexus have been included in the multi-tasking list. It has a notable new feature called Face unlock that unlocks reading your facial features and not with passwords. Google has also included NFC, which is a technology commonly used in wireless transactions of credit card.

Both the phones have zero lag camera operations, and it snaps the pictures as soon as you touch the shutter button, even if the autofocus option is not ready.

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