Google Oracle Suit: First Google’s Phone Released

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It was on Wednesday that the first version of Google phone went to the court with charges by Oracle to have improperly used Java for constructing Android.

The original one had a 2MP camera, a complete keyboard, a landscape display and sported a mini SD card.

google oracle suit
Google’s Story

Google first tried to sell it to T-mobile in the year 2006 and had intentions to reduce the prices for customers’ unlimited plans to $9.99 a month. Thought about prototype’s minor shortcomings look magnified now, they would have been right back in 2006. Later, in 2008, T-mobile gadget eventually became the carrier for the G1 (the original phone with Android).

Much to Oracle’s discontent, Judge William decided, on Wednesday, that no third patent could be added to this case. This is because earlier Oracle had filed against more patents, 7 to be exact, 5 of which did not make it pass the U.S patent and Trademark office. Those decisions were appealed by Oracle resulting in one of them being reinstated. Giving different reasons Oracle still argued to have a third patent submitted.

The Trial

“The trial started on April 16,” Alsup said. “This is one that works in three phases,” he said in response to the company’s allegation that the trial had been started.

The leading players involved like Eric Schmidt and Google chairperson Larry Page, Google Chairman and CEO respectively and Larry Ellison, Oracle CEO has given testimonies.

In this gadget war, Andy Rubin, Oracle lawyers, to stand also called Android head. He believes their developers do not require Sun Microsystem’s license to build the mobile OS. He also cited that he was unaware of any kind of violation of Java’s tools until the lawsuit. He also allegedly believes that Android, being open source, is freely available to be examined by anyone before release. Oracle seeks about the cost of $1 billion of damages done in the case.

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