Google to Provide Do Not Track Button for Chrome

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Google has finally acceded to the demand for allowing users to opt out of tracking their internet activity while using Chrome, the free web browser from Google. Google has constantly been accused of tinkering with the privacy of the users of its services and changing it privacy without due consideration.

Earlier this month, Google products revised and centralized their privacy policy. The decision will allow users not to allow their internet viewing habits to be used to tailor advertisements among other things.

Why is No Tracking option? 

Google has joined Mozilla to include a ‘Do Not Track’ button to the web browser. Apple is expected to follow suit in its Safari web browser in its next update. The Safari developer version already comes with such a facility. These developments come in the wake of the decision of the US government, to bring into consideration a ‘privacy bill of rights’ which if made to the law will give rights to users to dictate how their information is collected, stored or shared. Severe criticism of Google’s privacy policy is also seen as the reason for this shift. As the IT industry, is heating up with call for better privacy control and safe web usage.


The decision of Google to make tracking of web usage optional has many implications. If users opt out of tracking, websites and businesses would have to be treated web analytics in a new way. Tracking features are used for targeted advertisements and such businesses will be severely affected. Consequently, the web history of an internet user will be extremely difficult to keep track of if it is not allowed. Naturally, a web user will feel more secure that their web actions are not being watched, and their vital privacy is not tarnished across gadgets and platforms in the digital world.

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