Google’s Android 5.0 Jelly bean soon to be launched

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Google went all hot by launching its latest Android ice cream sandwich 4.0 and rumors say Google is soon going to launch a sweeping Android gadget Jelly Bean 5.0 most probably by 2012’s second quarter considering certain areas of concern, for example, tablet, PC and smartphones as per Digitimes.

In addition, Microsoft is all ready to launch Windows 8 around the same time only. Moreover, the operating system is supposedly going to be a convergent operating system, which means a component integrating the benefits of PCs, tablets, and mobiles. Android might suffer a thrilling competition in smartphone and tablet area other than iOS and Windows Phone 7.

Smartphone and tablet users and manufacturers with a warm heart are welcoming Ice Cream Sandwich by Android. What adds to its success is that, in American and European markets, the updates are a bit slow.

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean

Features Sources claim that Android 5.0 Jelly bean is going to be a level up as far as tablets and PC’s are concerned. Moreover, there’s a rumor that says that Google in its next release that is Jelly bean is going to inculcate a feature that will allow vendors to adopt only Android 5.0 which is going to be an alternative to dual boot Windows 8 gadgets. Sources also say that this gadget will allow switching of operators without having to shut the whole device down.

Google: Netbook and Notebook markets

Google has its eye on notebook and netbook markets also considering the fact that how the company released its Chromebook. Android 5.0 is going to be a hit as it is not just a tablet but an operating system also. However, this fact also cannot be disregarded that Google’s current release Ice Cream Sandwich is yet to settle its feet stably in the market.

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