Google’s Effort for overhauling its Search Engine

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Google is all worked up to increase the capacity of its search engine. It will make it easier and faster for its users to access the information with their gadgets they want to.

Company according to Amit Singhal, an official from Google, is working on its search engine’s capacities, to understand the words they want to search in a better way. Google’s working on its technique, to understand the typed on words better and provide answers accordingly, as sources say. Singhal says that every day they are working on the techniques, to provide their users an excellent search experience. It is all about increasing Google understands and as of now the capacity is limited.

Singhal also said that typing on about information on 10 deepest lakes in the States and you would get the answers at an amazingly fast speed but not because of Google’s understanding the matter.

How will the new Search engine be better?

Google in 2010 bought MetaWeb a company with free and open database popularly known as Freebase is supposed to have a large amount of information about people, things, places, events, and stuff. It can provide accurate results to people’s queries.

“If this move proves to be successful, it is going to be real bumper for Google” as per Dan Olds, analyst, Gabriel Consulting Group. He also added that over the passage of time the company has vastly increased its search capabilities, more accurate solutions provided by precise algorithmic works rather than just keywords.

However, as per today’s requirements Google’s search is proving to be tiring. It should increase its accuracy as not many of the queries are provided with their correct solutions, quoted Olds. For an instance, if typed “Intel Processor” the top results given by Google are buying Intel Processor here at the best price” rather than information on Intel Processor, added Dan Olds.

Google’s move…Obstacle for Microsoft Bing:

As we are all aware of Microsoft Bing being Google’s top Competitor. This increase in Google’s Search Engine understands capacities. It is going to prove extremely harmful for Bing, as it is Bing has not had much of a popularity experience against Google. It all settled down to the fact that Google has upgraded its algorithms making approximately 35 percent of its search better timed.

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