Google’s latest release in digital mapping: Mobile Mapping Service

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Google’s latest release of mobile mapping service is going to cover all shopping malls, airports, stores. It was released on Tuesday, and it includes directions that cover all ranges right from stores to transit centers in U.S. and Japan.

As of now, Google’s indoor maps can only be seen on Android based smartphones and tablets, which still is an enormous amount as nearly 550,000 Android-powered devices are activated on a regular basis and mobile maps work on Android’s latest versions released in 2009.

Google’s attempt:

This service helps people navigate their way through malls and airports complements Google’s attempt to replace cash and credit cards. However, Google won’t say anything about the fact that this service will work only on Android gadgets.

Google’s online maps also provide detailed driving and even walking direction in the streets and highways all over. Indoor mapping is an initiative to reduce disorientation problems through which people often suffer in malls and streets. The software is so programmed that floor plan changes according to the user’s location. According to Steve Lee, Product Management Director for Google, “Google’s Mapping Service is similar to as we have taken a map that you see on kiosk at a mall and install it on your phone.”

Location Tracker:

User’s location can be plotted on the basis of cell towers, GPS, wi-fi signals, which is similar, to Google’s technology of knowing people’s position when they are viewing a map. Google’s engineers designed indoor maps so, that users can be followed with even more accuracy. Indoor providers include two retailers know for their Labyrinth stores:

•          Home depot

•          Ikea

Macy’s and Bloomingdales also have shared floor plans of some biggest stores. The Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota that is of the size of Seven Yankee Stadium is already in Google’s database, as are smaller malls in Illinois, Virginia and southern California. There are also directions for 18 U.S. airports that include those in Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, San Francisco & Vegas.

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