Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty Case Review

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Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty Case

Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty Case

The Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty case for the iPads, iPhones and iPods, is the perfect protective case saving your gadgets from the environmental forces, rain, shock, vibration, sand and dirt. It is built from shatterproof polycarbonate material and shock absorbing silicone. The case is carefully engineered and extremely durable.


The Griffin Survivor Extreme Duty case can survive harsh conditions as outlined in military standards like Def-Stan 00-35 of the UK Dept of Defense and MIL-STD-810F of the US Dept of Defense. The strong and rigid internal frame is shatter proof and resists shocks and drops. The display protector shield protects the screen from rain and wind. Plugs to prevent the accumulation of sand and dust seal the ports. The silicone cladding effectively protects the devices from vibratory disturbances.

The Good

  • Includes a screen protector
  • Plugs seal the camera lens, volume controls, hold switch, dock connector, and headphone jack.
  • For iPads, it includes a snap on the stand for easy typing while in landscape mode.
  • Rugged and functional- ‘military grade’ protection
  • Slim sensory appeal too

The Bad

  • The snap on the stand for the iPad case is not particularly useful- falls over easily.
  • It takes effort to open the plug/flap covering the ports, many of them do not stay open, and that is something extremely annoying.
  • The plugs sometimes interfere with the connectors.
  • The case will make the iPads thicker and difficult to handle.


The bottom-line is that stuffed with the Griffin Survivor Military duty case will be highly durable against drops, shocks, sand, and dust. It has a remarkably rugged and functional design and includes a screen protector too. However, the ports plugs may interfere with the connectors and the snap on the stand for iPads is not particularly durable either although it suffices. Overall, it is thumbs up!

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