GSM Networks More Prone to be hacked

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Prominent mobile security expert, Karsten Nohl, the head of the reputed Berlin based Security Research Labs has found in his research that the GSM technology is inherently vulnerable to hacking attacks. Hackers have been able to exploit the loopholes in the cellular technology network and obtain control of remote phones. This can enable them to make calls from your phone or send text messages if hacked.

The Cellular Geography

Smartphone malware is propping up at an unprecedented rate with the introduction of user friendly mobile handsets. More valuable information is being given to apps in the mobile platform with the use of smartphones for corporate and business uses including as mobile wallets.

Global System for Mobile communications or GSM is the wireless technology now used for mobile communications worldwide through the telecom companies. The 2G network was expanded to include GPRS. Later packet data transmission was increased using EDGE and subsequently the 3G UMTS standard was developed and now it is the time of the 4G LTE standard cellular networks.

Vulnerabilities in GSM Found

In this age of smartphones and mobile gadgets outscoring PCs, mobile security is of prime importance. Nohl had identified a bug that makes GSM technology vulnerable to tapping. But the industry mobile operator’s group GSMA has reiterated that such attacks on the network are highly unlikely. Nohl has actually found out ways to exploit previously known vulnerabilities of the GSM technology. This has the potential to affect thousands of devices including smartphones. Nohl will present his findings at a top hacking convention in Berlin.

Meanwhile, security researchers from have ranked T-Mobile of Germany and SFR of France for providing the best security against call interception, mobile tracking and impersonate someone else’s phone. They had reviewed operators in Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Morocco, Hungary, Slovakia, Switzerland, Thailand and the Czech Republic.

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