HP Pushes Windows 8 tablet This Year

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windows-8-tabletsAfter the TouchPad slates, HP is again foraying into the tablet market. Bangkok Post reports that Hewlett Packard, in a top-level meeting held at Shanghai this week, has been talking about its reentry into the tablet market. The reentry will be with Windows 8 OS this time, which is not surprising because Windows 8 will allow synching across various gadgets from smartphones to PCs using cloud services when it will be finally released this year lately. Moreover, the enterprise tablet market is booming like anything. The new tablets from HP are all set to be launched in the third quarter of this year.

TouchPad Bruises

Visibly the foray into the tablet world started on a wrong foot for HP. Surprisingly instead of going with the trend of using Android it used webOS on its slates. The TouchPads did not hit the spot and the company had to sell out its inventory at heavy discounts to get its head out of the hole it dug for itself. The company went to the extent of announcing that webOS will be open-sourced and will not be used in tablets or phones anymore.

New Expectations

With Windows 8 in its arsenal, the company expects to hit the right tone. The tablet market has long been one-sided- Apple iPads blowing any of its competitors. Android tablets have been unable to strike a chord with the users. This is where experts believe that Windows 8 will come in- fill the void. With more businesses expected, to opt for tablets for some of their tasks the slate market is going to boom. A recent ChangeWave Research survey has found 22 percent of the surveyed businesses to go for a tablet soon. Anyway, time will tell if the new breed of Windows 8 tablets from HP and others will finally challenge iPads.

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