HTC 8X Arriving to T-Mobile: A Winning Partnership

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"HTC 8X"


The news that is currently doing rounds in the mobile market is that HTC 8X for T-Mobile, speculated to be named as HTC Accord, will hit mobile stores on 14 November. The date of release is expected to be made public at a HTC affair to be held on 19 September.

T-Mobiles’ Latest HTC Smartphone

The latest in the releases to work with Windows 8 system, this mobile gadget, is likely to incorporate a 1.2 GHz S4 Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core processor. Based on the OS requirement, this mobile device is foreseen to have a 16 GB in-built memory and 1 GB RAM memory power, as the Windows 8 system will not require more than 1 GB RAM for effective performance. The device is invariably estimated to try a hand at total sell out, amidst its counterparts including the new Nokia Lumia gadgets.

Other Features

The T-Mobile HTC 8X equipment is predicted to house a smaller 4.3 inch LCD touch-screen that is a tad less than LG’s and Samsung’s newest smartphone devices. Sustaining audio rights for the Beats Audio application, the HTC Accord phone, will display this functionality amongst its other functions. There is not much change anticipated in the camera forefront. The mobile phone will sport a camera with 8-megapixel resolution, supporting f/2 lens and an expansive wide-angle-shot photography element. The video output; however is not any superior to existing models with 1080p picture quality yield.

Integrated with NFC connectivity services, the yet-to-be-released HTC Windows Mobile model will be a definite mobile phone to be placed on the list of emerging novel gadgets. Place your bet in accord with HTC’s first Windows 8 device.

If the rumors are legit, we will see HTC Accord in the upcoming event on 19 September that is going to be held by HTC.

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