Does the iOS 5.1 Update Solve Battery Issues

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With Apple releasing its iOS 5.1 update for the mobile OS, users of Apple gadgets hope that it solves a host of issues among which the enhancement in the performance of the device battery is the most expected improvement. The rumors around the corner give conflicting reviews as of now- and as more users get the update, things will become clearer about the reality of the battery solution by Apple.

The Buzz

Few days after releasing the update not all those users have upgraded- and a look at the Apple Support forums is not a great help. Users of iOS devices who have upgraded- some vouch the claim that battery life has improved considerably while some others are reportedly experiencing quicker battery draining, are commenting conflicting reports.

Heading to the MacRumor forum, the thread discussing the battery life issues comes with dialectical arguments from different users along the same lines as the Apple Support forums- some saying battery drain issues have escalated while others telling it had improved considerably!

Why the Conflicting Statements

Phones review has another twist to the battery power issue- the reviews are being inaccurately reported. This gains ground due to reports from some users who experienced sudden battery draining after using the iOS device continuously with little or no change in the battery power. For instance, one iPhone 4S user who viewed a one and a half hour video observed battery indicator dropping from 100 to 93%- but after some time the indicator showed just 50%.

Keeping this in hindsight, we can tell that users may have reported the illusion of improvement in performance. It is imperative that Apple may have gone into serious efforts, to  improve  the  battery performance, and it is not coming good as expected. Let us wait and see what it actually is.

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