Now Your iOS Devices Are Enabled with Skype Photo Sharing Facility

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"Skype App for iOS"

Skype App for iOS

Microsoft-owned Skype has released a new set of updates for its iOS apps for gadgets like iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Apple is sometimes known to hold back some of the features in the iOS Platform, and the apps it supports, While speculated reasons are probably that iTunes or iOS has always made it a point to deliver more than their side of the bargain when they finally decide to unlock such features.

Upgraded iOS app for Skype

In a similar situation, the new iOS app for Skype has been upgraded to send and receive photos through the app service. The upgraded Skype version 4.1 offers many bug fixes and enhancements, but the most notable being photo sharing for many reasons. The user could employ the iPhone Camera to create a picture or browse through his gallery and select a few of his choice. The Service mentioned that there is no size limit on the photo, making this one way to bypass the file attachment limitations usually forced by e-mail providers.

You can easily do photo sharing by just tapping the contact name of your list; however, that contact must be in your instant messaging list. You can click on the ‘Send Photo’ option for using the existing or new photo and then click on the send button, and your job is done.

Less Battery Drainage

The latest words also suggest that the update make Skype a little easier on the phone battery potentially giving you the freedom to keep Skype turned on all day. It also offered updates for fixing bugs and privacy settings that had previously hindered the users for receiving and making calls using their Bluetooth connections.

With the upgraded navigation speed, enhancement of battery life and the new photo delivery system, Skype users would be agreeably pleased with the new upgrades.

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