iPad 3 Defines High End Retina Display

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Apple iPad has galloped from a 1024 x 768 resolution into retina quality display- screen has been the highlight of the newly announced tablet from Apple. Apple demonstrated the uses of the retina display in the invitation event at San Francisco- clearer and entertaining video, high quality gaming and introduced the iPhoto for iPad gadgets.

Gaming Prospects

Apple has charged the gaming industry with serious competition in the coming time. With demos from Epic and Namco in the Apple presentation, it was shown how the iPad is suitable for gaming. The two gaming companies are reportedly preparing new games exclusive to the iOS- Apple’s operating system. Apple will stand to cash in on the rise in the mobile gaming industry with leading gaming studios developing titles for tablets and smartphones.

Display Quality

The iPad 3 will be able to shoot videos at HD 1080p quality and the retina display will go a long way in running the newer version of the iMovie service from Apple. The sharp and crisp images of text stood out in Apple’s presentation even when zoomed and it looked like vector images.

Apple also launched an improved version of iPhoto. With the newly obtained clarity and sharpness in images photo editing has received a shot in the arm. Now zoomed in images can be cropped without lose of image quality.

Retina Display Standards

The Apple retina display has 264ppi pixel density compared to 326ppi in Apple iPhone 4s. Because a clear definition of retina display does not exist, Apple finds it easy to handle the difference in resolution. Apple gets its displays from Sharp, LG, and Samsung. LG and Samsung use a-Si TFT technology, which have a pixel density upper limit of 264ppi that may be used in the new iPad while Sharp uses the new IGZO display.

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