iPad Mini Displays and iPhone 5 Production – LG in the Contention!

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There has been hardly a month since the latest version of the iPhone series which is iPhone 4S release by the Apple Inc, the latest rumors have floored regarding the next generation devices in the iPhone and iPad series as the Apple products.

According to the IDG report, Korean Giants in the Technology world LG who are the leading manufacturers of the Retina Touch Screen Display for the Apple devices are currently working on this concept. They intend to provide the larger screen display for the iPhones whereas the smaller ones for the iPads of Apple Inc. Though this is an insider’s report, rumors are being let floated, and the strong indications suggest that these products can be launched in the next year, the ones, which LG expected, to manufacture, as well.

Future Plans

If, this report to be believed then it is said that Apple Inc and LG are currently working on the brand new set up and the prescribed changes for the iOS devices. The 7.35 inches, Tablet is on the cards and is being planned along with the increase in the display size of the screen for the iPhone. The current size of the iPhone is 3.5 inches, which is subject, to change with the increase of half an inch making it to the 4 inches LG Retina Display gadget.

Incumbent iPhone

Apple Inc initially decided to launch all the new, redesigned iPhone, but the then CEO Late Steve Jobs was unhappy with the ‘fragmented screen’ and, therefore, the iPhone 4S was launched. It is believed that the latest iPhone is in the making and will be made up like iPad aluminum back design and will be available non-chromatic colors with the worthy addition of the Capacitive Home Button to it! The distress caused due to the iPhone 4S can be thus overcome by this incumbent iPhone!

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