iPad mini scheduled for 2012- myth or reality!

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iPad Mini is yet again spreading rumors. Sources of Digi Times have reported that a 7.85 inch iPad will soon hit the market. Sources from the supply chain have said that the gadget will be launched in the market in the latter half of the next year. With the iPad 3 touching the market in the first half of 2012, it will be extremely welcome news for gadget freaks.

It is speculated….

It is being speculated that the product is in response to the 7-inch Kindle tablet that is being marketed by Amazon. The market is seeing a lot of releases in the genre of smart phones. Before Friday, the rumors regarding iPad Mini surfaced in October last with the information that the product will be priced in between $200 to $300. With Amazons, $199 Kindle Fire doing a lot of business, the entrepreneurs are speculating a better market for mini-tablets.


In the meantime, further details are being disclosed. Cupertino Company will buy 7.85 inch panels marketed by LG and AUO. This is the first step to the manufacture of the mini tablets that Apple will market in fall of 2012. The new iPad will be launched in winter, to be followed by the iPad mini. Apple will have to remodel its user interface because the screen of iPad mini is in between the 4 inch smart phones and the 9.7 inch iPad models. This will add to apples device resolutions being third on the list. This will also have to modulate the apps to suit all the three interfaces. This is something Apple has long tried to solve. This problem is more seen with Androids that suffer from fragmentation problems, due to a number of different resolutions.

Tim cook is letting the rumors build up and soon the smaller sized tablets will be launched in the market.

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