iPhone 4S Proves Underwhelming For Most

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The technology industry, and the world media for that matter, are currently praising the life and accomplishments of Steven Jobs, the CEO of Apple, Inc. Having recently stepped down citing serious health concerns, he passed away on Wednesday after a long bout with pancreatic cancer. It’s big news right now and many are wondering what the future holds for Apple.

iPhone 4S

What’s being far less talked about right now, in some ways, goes hand-in-hand with many of the concerns that face Apple investors and product fans. The iPhone 4S was unveiled just days ago, and for many hoping for a far grander announcement, the new iPhone received lackluster response to say the least. Though some of the newer features are worth noting, some argue that Apple, a company that’s well known for its dramatically innovative approach to design and function, could have done more. For the last several years, consumers and investors have seen Apple bring out a new product and wow the world. This new addition, the iPhone 4S, doesn’t seem to make the cut.

Most people were expecting the announced release of the much anticipated iPhone 5, but consumers will have to remain content with the iPhone 4’s upgrade. Some of the newest features are impressive by many standards, but just not enough for a company that’s known for giant leaps forward. The new iPhone 4S offers users faster speed, an improved camera, impressive voice recognition software, and other features. The most impressive aspect of this upgraded iPhone is the voice recognition software, called Siri, which uses an “intelligent assistant” that is far better than Apple’s previous applications.

The new iPhone 4S isn’t a failure and is more akin to an incremental improvement. You can still do all the same things from app downloads to a reverse phone lookup, and will make a fine addition to the previous models. It’s far less likely that people will run out in droves to get the new model and are more likely to wait for the iPhone 5, which is greatly anticipated. No one really knows what the 5 will offer the public, but it’s going to have to be good. Many are already concerned for the fate of Apple now that Steve Jobs isn’t guiding the company.


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