What Makes iPhone 4S So Special?

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Apple doesn’t intend to stop amazing its customers, therefore the new satisfactions and upcoming projects can only make them happier. The latest phone release can be defined as a new aspect of technology. The unique gadgets have already started a revolution in the mobile world, but this is just too much. The new iPhone 4S is currently the most amazing release. With a dual core A5, a 8 MP camera, iOS5, iCloud and a completely new optical system, it is by far a serious hit given to the competition.

Apple iPhone 4S

The two cores in the A5 chip can provide you with two times more power and graphics, not to mention about its seven times faster speed. It is impossible to ignore the effects. You feel them as soon as you start using the phone. It has an increased reaction speed, which makes a huge difference when you launch multiple applications, browse the Internet or play. Whatever you do, you are free to go on, since the A5 chip is so energetically effective that the battery lifetime is amazing.

 The iPhone 4S camera is the best that ever existed on a mobile phone, while with the new optical system, it might be the only camera you will ever need. You have a 8MP resolution and a specially built lens behind every frame. Besides, the phone includes an improved flashing sensor, an excellent automatic white balance, an advanced color clarity, face detection and clarity improvements when you take a “moving” picture. All these aspects mean that no matter how many people, light or action you want to catch on your phone, everything looks like it should. And wait until you see the pictures. Other than that, the gadget can record impressive HD videos at 1080p. The light is always perfect, the color is always intense and everything looks a lot better compared to any other phone. The video stabilization balances the shaking frames. Moreover, you can edit your videos and share your work as soon as it is done.

 Every iOS progress brings in new and easier ways to do things. This is why iOS is years ahead its competition. The latest version advances even more, bringing in over 200 new characteristics for the iPhone 4S. You have a notification center, with all your messages, e-mails, mementos or friendship requests in the same place. You can also send unlimited messages to other iOS 5 users and the funny part is that everything is free by Wi-Fi. Besides, you need to authenticate yourself through the settings and send stuff directly from Safari, whether you want to share photos, videos, YouTube videos or maps.

 Finally, don’t forget about iCloud. It is the easiest way to organize your stuff, mostly because the program does it all for you. The iCloud system for iPhone 4S organizes your music, images, applications, contacts, calendars, office documents, e-mails and so on. You can even direct them to other personal devices through a wireless connection. It is automatic and doesn’t require too much effort.

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