iPod Touch Review (5th Gen.)

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"iPod Touch"

iPod Touch

Apple has certainly delivered the best iPod you can get with the 5th Generation iPod Touch, with several iPhone features being incorporated, not to mention the excellent iOS 6 capability. At $299, it can be a bit costly, but then it is the least amount of money you are going to have to pay to use iOS 6. In addition, if you compare it with its previous model, the new iPod Touch is much better in terms of performance and design.

Performance and Features

The Retina display feature has been retained by Apple on this one and has been packed with a faster processor and new and better designs that make this the best iPod to come out ever. The rear camera, at 5 MP, is an improvement on its previous versions, but still does not totally satisfy standard camera requirements you would expect at this price. However, when it comes to apps and media consumption, the iPod is undoubtedly the best.

Being 6.1 mm thick and only 88 grams in weight, the iPod Touch is much thinner and taller than the previous model. The new iPod Touch comes in two models – a 32 GB model at $299 and a 64 GB model at $399. Yes, Apple has not introduced a 16 GB model here, which is a little disappointing of course. Still, the cost means it is only $30 cheaper than the iPad mini, which might give many potential buyers a good option to buy.


•          Best iPod delivered by Apple, yet.

•          Faster, better performance.

•          Thinner, taller and much easier to handle from previous versions


•          Camera is not satisfactory.

•          The price can be a little too much for some.

•          No 16 GB model is there for the iPod Touch 5th Generation.

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