iTunes 11: A Walkthrough

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"iTunes 11"

iTunes 11

Okay, iTunes 11 from Apple seems like a complete transition from the last media hub released by the company. Major changes include simpler user interface, integration of additional iCloud services and introduction of a MiniPlayer.

However, iTunes 11 pleases in design and UI but since it’s just the first release of fresh version there are some problems too. Well, there is no archetypal iOS devices’ functionality included as well as many functioned are performed through iCloud but this version of iTunes utilizes a lot of PC or gadgets’ services. We hope that Apple will release further patches in order to resolve these issues.

Desktop Media Player

Well, after a long time of 12 yrs Apple has come up with major modifications in its desktop media player in iTunes 11. Although it may take some time for the user to get used to with this new media player, but overall it’s a positive move. Now you can pick the media libraries from a drop down given in left side and search the media from categories. For instance, if you pick up “Music” on drop down then you will see the buttons on the top menu to help you sort out the music files in the terms of articles, videos, songs, libraries etc.

iTunes MiniPlayer

However, full screen media player comes with all the functions you need to enjoy the music and videos but if you want to work on your gadget simultaneously. For doing that, Apple has introduced a MiniPlayer in iTunes 11; you can switch to MiniPlayer anytime and do your work while enjoying the music.

The MiniPlayer consist the basic media player controls including play button, pause button, skip and forward as well as back control buttons. Additionally, you can control your iTunes libraries while using MiniPlayer.

Pros: This new version of iTunes carries simpler interface, easier navigation and more spontaneous as compared to earlier versions. Also, the introduction of MiniPlayer lets you enjoy music while doing other things on your gadget.

Cons: The iTunes 11 utilized the gadgets’ resources and the Windows app is still far behind the Mac app.

Overall: However iTunes 11 is like refreshment with its goodies but it’s a bit complex to use.

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