JBL Wireless Speakers Review

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"JBL Wireless Speakers"

JBL Wireless Speakers

How exciting it will be to listen to your favorite songs when in any part of your house, without the hassle of carrying the entire equipment, from one room to another. Your dream has come true with the arrival of JBL wireless speakers that is first of its kind Airplay speakers, with a color LCD screen. It is the discovery of the era for music lovers who save their collection in an iPod, iPhone, and USB and/or computer system.


The audio from iTunes or an internet radio can be heard via Apple AirPlay through Wi-Fi with the help of this JBL setup. You can set an online FM radio alarm clock (with RDS and Dual Alarms facilities) to wake you up with a blast whenever you want to rouse from your slumber. As you add more selections to your audio compilation list, also increase the number of JBL wireless speakers in your home. Now with all rooms connected online there is no stopping you from enjoying your favorite past time from all corners of your dwelling.

Pros and Cons

The presence of Horizontal Acoustic Level Optimization (HALO) feature ensures uniform distribution of sound effects. The up-to-date technology guarantees equalization and distribution alongside minimal distortion of sound resonance. Its unique round speakers, lightweight remote control device, customizable dual alarms system, and unbeatable wireless speaker dock, place it in the winning position. The equipment is a success and to invest in it is a terrific idea, thought it is priced at $350.

Though its downside is that it does not apply to outdoor hearing, but it is an excellent choice for indoor listening.


The On Air JBL wireless speakers system is a stunning gadget with modern features compatible with superb sound generation. Its superior technology is a godsend for music enthusiasts. Relax in mind, body, and soul with the help of this tool.

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