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Amazon has redefined electronic reading with its feature-rich range of Kindle ebook allowing you to read the latest bestsellers, access online Amazon bookstore, rent books from digital libraries and subscribe to digital zine- all on a book-page-like screen. If you are an avid reader, then the Kindle is the thing you want to catch up on your reading with a renewed vigor.


The Kindle ebook has a 6 inch black-and-white screen with a resolution of 600 x 800p. It is highly portable and weighs just 10.3 ounces. The built-in keyboard includes some notable navigational controls- previous, forward, and back button and a select wheel that will move a rectangle-sized cursor.

The Kindle supports Wi-Fi hotspots some of them come with 3G support too. Therefore, you can easily connect to your Amazon account and download reading content. You can instantly buy books from the Amazon bookstore and start reading. You can also read your personal documents on your Kindle. You can view PDF and word documents files too. You can connect to the computer via USB as an easy removable device. The Kindle supports SD cards to expand the 256MB memory.

The reading experience is the real fun the screen looks relaxing, has no glare and your eyes will not strain from a backlit screen because it is not. The e-ink screen looks fantastic even under sunlight. The reading experience is enhanced by the built-in dictionary, an internet browser, and with the ability to bookmark, highlight, and make notes. Another extra is that the reader supports MP3 files.


Easy reading, lots of reading content, support for personal documents and easy access to digital content via a Wi-Fi connection. Moreover, icing to the cake is the fabulous and comfortable Kindle eBook reading experience.

However, the screen is only black and white, and because it is not backlit, you need lighting for reading at night.

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