Kinect Motion Tracking System in Windows PCs Soon

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The revolutionary gaming hardware interfacing technology, Kinect, is all set to be introduced into Microsoft Windows computer systems in early 2012.

 It was widely expected for Microsoft to make such a move, looking at the demand for such a hardware system with perceptive intelligence in personal computers where users can interact with Windows through gestures and by talking.

What is a Kinect System?

Kinect was introduced by Microsoft for the video game console, Xbox 360 in 2010. It is a state of the art technology comprising of motion sensitive hardware input device with the supporting software support. The main feature of Kinect enabled gadgets were that users were able to interact with the Xbox 360 console without touching any game controller.

It is based on the natural user interface that is, using gestures and spoken commands. By integrating the Kinect system for Xbox 360 to the Windows personal computer system, users can finally be able to use the revolutionary technology in their computers and maybe later in laptops and smaller gadgets in time to come. The decision by Microsoft is at a time when there is a massive uproar by hackers and techies about the possibilities of Kinect systems beyond the gaming consoles.

New Features in Kinect Hardware for Computers

Going the extra mile than the living room capabilities of Kinect for Xbox 360, it will enable ‘close up’ apps in its ‘near mode’. An update to the Kinect firmware is also on the cards. It is said to increase the depth camera resolution of the Kinect system to allow viewing of objects even at close ranges of 50cm. Simplifying the user experience, Microsoft is planning to reduce the length of the USB cable and introduce a USB dongle as an added functionality to be able to connect to other devices.

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