Are Lesser Known Tablet Brands a Viable Option?

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Android tablet has finally found a pillar to lean to and fight the competition from iPad better in the last three months or so. This has mainly been due to low cost of Android based tablets, their better range of facilities and availability in different flavors.

But a small number of prominent players dominate the Android tablet market with gadgets like Kindle Fire by Amazon, ASUS’s Transformer, Samsung Galaxy Tab and the Motorola Xoom.

Why These Low Profile Brands

The problem is that, in this festive season, it is hard to obtain any one of them as they are very soon sold out or sometimes it turns out to be too costly for most folks wanting to take it as a gift to their near and dear ones. And the only choice in front of them is to buy the lesser knew, and low cost Android tablets available in the market. A good example of a low profile tablet is the SuperNova Android based tablet. The 8” version is priced at $199.99 and has secured favorable reviews in and It comes with low end specs- with no access to the Android Market. Coby, a newcomer has announced a series of tablets to be launched in 2012 with Android 4.0. Archos has been in the tablet market since its boom but is never heard of.

Cheaper Tablets Are Needed

It still remains to be seen that what the response of the public will be to these lower profile tablets and will it be preferred to the popular ones at least in some ways if they come at a low price and give decent performances. It is always seen in the quickly changing world of technology that unknown brands often don’t show much promise. The prices of most tablets hovering around the $400 mark, the cheaper tablets, are still a good option if it works somewhat nicer.

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