LG 50PZ950 3DTV Review: One of the Best 3DTVs Out There

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LG are not quitting any time soon with their range of highly effective and advanced products. They have in fact upped their game by producing watchable 3D television which is also very affordable. LG 50PZ950 3DTV, will serve you to a television with rich high end features. Unlike past mediocre that have met the previous LG plasma TV, the LG 50PZ950 3DTV, is looking to make a compelling comeback by increasing its contrast performance. As a matter of fact, reviewers have crowned the PZ950 for its quality picture display.

LG 50PZ950 3DTV Review

If you like streaming services, then the in built apps will definitely be your favorite. With Netflix, web browser and Amazon instant video, you will be able to search and download your favorite apps and programs. The features on LG 50PZ950 3DTV are as follows; it is a 50 inch size screen with THX 3D certification of display. There are smart TV applications such as Netflix, cinemaNow, Napster and others. LG 50PZ950 3DTV is windows 7 certified and has a motion remote control accessory.  Wi-Fi features are included and 2D-3D conversion is also possible. the input pots include 4 HDMI 1.4, 2 component, 2 composite, 2USB, LAN, RF antenna, RS 232c and finally the optical digital audio input and output features.

Watching your favorite matches or sports on LG 50PZ950 3DTV gives more pleasure if compared to other LCD or other plasmas such as the Panasonic and the likes. Based on the calibrated grayscale and the excellent video processing, the final pictures are quite natural in appearance. The LG 50PZ950 3DTV has unrivalled design and is fine looking television set. There is a thin silver strip at the top of the black surround frame. You will find this plasma quite convenient either while watching or while getting a position for it.

For the set up and menu of LG 50PZ950 3DTV, there is nothing which is of very big concern. You too can do the whole set up process and without any fuss. The home button on the remote will take you to the TV dashboard from where you are able to access every function and option available in the set up process. At the center of video window which appears on the screen, there is a set-up option which houses picture, time, lock, and audio options. There are also network and support sub menus. Basically, the setup deals in tuning options but you can as well access booster options form here when the signal strengths is a little low.

Form the audio menu; you will be able to set digital audio output. You can as well switch the audio return channel ARC on and off whenever you want. Parental lock can also be found and there are setting to check on that. Not forgetting the connectivity option form the network menu. Support menu is there to help you ensure you can have frequent access to upgrades or do self check for pictures, signal strengths, or software updates and product information. Expert menu may not be something you would want to mess around with therefore if unable to set it correct, get a technician to help you out. The color balance and the likes are not for everyone to mess around with as this may affect the final output form LG 50PZ950 3DTV plasma.

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