LG Goes Public with New Optimus G Mobile

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"Optimus G"

Optimus G

The candidate in the list of the mobile market competitors, LG, has revealed its Optimus G smartphone gadget that will be available to the South Korean citizens in the week to come. Marketed by LG, with increased performance and strong, noticeable features, this mobile phone, is the company’s sales upgrade banking product. It will be presented to Japan and U.S. in the coming months most probably in November.

LG New Venture- Optimus G Device

LGs earlier ventures have not reached anywhere in the top three ranking positions, in the industry, with names like Samsung, ZTE, Apple and Nokia taking over the market by storm. The constant churning of innovative mobile products by the contenders has pushed LG to present itself to users through the Optimus G device.

The flagship device is LG’s forte in the field of mobile gadgets enterprise. Priced at $894 the Android system integrated smartphone is packaged and marketed, keeping in mind the holiday season. LG is awaiting people’s verdict with crossed-fingers, as the slump in its mobile-based products is presumed to convert into a profitable venture for the firm.


The 4.7-inch display screen and better battery life functionalities are the trump card of the latest LG release. Housing the double-core processor of Qualcomm, the Optimus G, contains a 13-megapixel camera and an access high-speed wireless connectivity. The multiple usage video features display a level of transparency to enable consumers to send SMS or mails while viewing the video in the backdrop. It also incorporates the finger-using zooming technique to maximize video output watching facility.

The leading provider of display screens for Apple’s few smartphones including iPad and iPhone gadgets, LG is the name to consider in the mobiles trade arena. Whether LG overcome its earlier losses in this area of mobile technology, is yet to be ascertained.

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