Linux 3.3 Kernel Released with Android Support

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Issues regarding slow storage are now no more going to be a problem as Linus Torvalds makes its newest release Linux 3.3. Therefore, there will be no more system interruptions from now on. Latest drivers, to provide you with the best user experience, have supported kernel’s hardware. Still there is a lot of work that is to be done in the field of open source drivers such as Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD graphics. A good number of Android drivers reportedly staged as “immature drivers” previously have also made it this time.

Many more features

Even the software RAID hot is supported by this, to save you from the rebuild you previously needed to do after a disk replacement. Moreover, it also supports a brand new architecture TI C6X that allows much-improved restripe between RAID systems in btrfs files too. Improvised sub-system means better teaming support and it now has a virtual switch that provides operation on 2, 3 and even 4 layers. Linux Kernel 3.3 also provides basic support services for ACPI 5.0. An alternative to bonding driver has been provided to fight blufferbloat, which happens to be a network priority control group.

Major changes

There is a big change in the Linux Kernel 3.3 is that it has been involved with the Android project now. Disagreements were going on related to this project for the past so many years, but now as it seems the issue is finally settled. A new integrity check has been involved in this 3.3 version, to aid developers with the purpose of creating new software and apps.

Detailed information on all the included features has been provided in the official website of kernel Newbies.

With a number of network improvements, Linux Kernel 3.3 is supposed to be a super storage gadget.

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