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If you love your smartphone or tablet device but are frustrated by the quality of your speakers, then the new Logitech Mini Boombox may be right up your alley.  Unlike other wireless speakers for handheld devices, Logitech’s new version is small enough to fit into your jacket pocket or your backpack.  And for a fraction of the cost of other products it will probably fit into your budget too.

 The Logitech Mini Boombox connects with just about any modern phone or table compuer.  You can either use the Bluetooth compatibility option or the 3.5mm audio jack port, for instant conncectivity. The touch controls on the unit are lit from the backside so that you can see what you are doing in the dark or dim light.  Many customers are saying that they place their phone in one location and carry the Boombox around to work as a remote control and speaker wherever they go in the house or office.

With the Logitech Mini Boombox you don’t have to worry about missing important phone calls while you are listening to your music.  The tiny dynamo has a speakerphone and microphone adaptation that allows you to use it for a phone calls and for video chatting.  There will be no more “huh, could you repeat that?” with this device.  Logitech proclaims the reason that the Mini Boombox has such incredible sound in such a small amount of space is because of their specially designed acoustic chamber.  Anyone who has sung in the shower can attest that sound is better when it is able to echo around a cavern.  The designers over at Logitech have been able to harness this phenomenon into pint size so that there is enhanced bass.  Bottom line, your music will sound like it is coming out of a much larger unit.

Speakers are great and portable speakers are even better, but what good are they if they don’t have a decent battery.  The Logitech manufacturers are aware of this all too common problem with modern portable accessories and they have found the answer.  The Mini Boombox comes with a ten hour battery; of course this time frame is susceptible to usage, signal strength and all of the other usual conditions.  Still ten hours is a decent amount of music listening.  When the battery gets low there is no need to go buy more, because this unit has an internal rechargeable battery.  That is right a Logitech product that doesn’t require you to take stock in Energizer or Duracel.

 When you decide you have had enough of straining to hear your tunes through the teeny and tinny speakers of your mobile device, you may want to head over and pick up the new Logitech Mini Boombox.  The product will be available in stores towards the end of November.  Time will tell whether the newest and smallest product from the Logitech line is as functional and portable as claimed.  Of course, for the low price of only $99 the Logitech Mini Boombox is at least worth a listen.

Price: $99

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