McIntosh MA6300 Amplifier Review

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McIntosh MA6300 Amplifier

McIntosh MA6300 Amplifier

McIntosh has a history of bringing out the best amplifiers in the world including the iconic valve based amps. The present breed of transistor-based amps has not drained off the legendary quality standards of the McIntosh amps. The McIntosh MA6300 amp is an affordable addition to your home audio system with the tradition of the old days and the performance of modern technology. The performance at low to moderate volume levels is spotless; however, high volume performance leaves scope for improvement.


The McIntosh MA6300 is a complete stereo amp with the following specifications:

  • Power 100 W per channel, 8 Ohms
  • Maximum 160 W per channel, 4 Ohms
  • Moving magnet phonograph
  • Output- for a pair of speakers and headphones
  • Multiple input channels support
  • Volume and channel balance controls
  • Remote control for individual channel on/off is supported
  • The amp design and style is dominantly retro- the front, glass panels, the screen-printed internals, blue power display meters, and analog rotary controls.

The MA6300 uses ThermalTrak Output transistors to power the amp. The transistor uses R-core transformer technology- an extra pin works in conjunction with an extra sensor included to thermally track itself. The transistor thus maintains its bias levels and monitors its temperature. The use of the R-core technology means that the amp will not get overheated, results in extremely less leakage of electromagnetic flux and high efficiency compared to traditional toroidal transformers.

Pros and Cons

The amplified sound is well defined across the range of sound levels- good treble and dynamic range- even at low levels. Nevertheless, at moderate and low volume levels, the amp is simply stunning.

However, the sound is not so convincing at high levels and especially if there is a musical crescendo, wherein the intensity or volume of sound in the musical phrase increases gradually.

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