Microsoft Kinect and Surface Has Great Possibilities

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The Sidney Big Picture event conducted by Microsoft mainly featured the advantages of using the Kinect intelligent input system. In the show, a Sesame Street game was featured. It has a two way interaction with a 45 minute episode. The game is due for release next year while it will come out with the Kinect voice add on. The Kinect voice add-on is due to release in this month.

The Kinect System

As Kinect system expands into the commercial gaming and educational market, it is expected to change the way of gaming and gaming gadgets.

The hacker community has brought about a new way of looking of this new intelligent technology with which a user can interact with the interface using gestures and spoken voice commands. It is abundantly clear that Microsoft has been observing the developments throughout. They have identified the methods to mod the device for various uses.

A software development kit or SDK is also available for Windows Kinect system. The Kinect system has been proven in the Xbox 360 gaming console. But it has immense potential to be applicable in many real life problems. It predicted use in education, corporate management, engineering and medicine is impressive.

Surface and Other Displays

The event also displayed Microsoft Surface interface. The recent popularization of tablets may have dampened the prospects of this device yet it provides impressive prospects. The larger touch gesture experience the device provides is superb with 256 bit tags used to influence the on screen data. The Surface may not replace iPad or Windows laptop in the near future.

Apart from Kinect and Surface, some Windows 7 phones are on display while most of the focus was on the Xbox gaming console. There was, however, a lack of demo games for the console. In the future, Windows may expand Xbox system to PCs and phones.

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