Microsoft officiated Xbox 360 Dashboard Launch on 6th December!

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Xbox is the name of popular Video Game Console and is the product of the Technology Giants Microsoft Inc. It is the fact that Xbox has remained partly unchanged since its launch, the fact that relishes the launch of the modified Xbox even to a greater extent.

The Xbox 360 is under the process of Trial Version Beta since last few days, and it has been officially confirmed by Microsoft that the next version of its which is Xbox 360 Dashboard, will be launched at 6th December this year.

This has been the Gadget which was hugely anticipated, and it will undoubtedly receive the grand welcome!

What is new?

The increased focus on the Kinetic Integration and the Kinetic Functionality is the focus point in the new product. Sharper Voice Recognition Capability is also on the cards which is the result of the customer requests and fans’ insistence, as well. The interface in the device is also expected to be cleaner than the previous one and the Facebook Sharing Facility is also the feature which is expected to be there.  The look is just like the earlier images of the Windows 8, also the availability of the Search Engine Bing is another addition.

 Additional Features

Microsoft has promised to stick the basics and allow all the content which use to be on the Dashboard but has also hinted about the changes like introduction of the BBC iPlayer, Love Film at the same time. It has also ensured the access of Sky through the dashboard of the new Xbox 360 Dashboard. The provision of the Internet Television, Movies and the Music features is also expected to be unveiled which in the end make the Xbox 360 Dashboard one of the winning gadgets as it is expected to be!

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