Microsoft Rearranging Windows Phone Management for a New Transition

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Microsoft has shuffled its management team in an effort to gain momentum for its latest software called Windows Phone that will be only available on the smart phones gadgets and widows 8 the latest version of the windows operating system. Division Head Andy Lees had been shifted to a ‘Time-Critical Opportunity’ and it is still not particularly clear whether he is promoted or simply demoted.

The present

The news was released by Microsoft chief executive Steve Ballmer on Monday that Lees, who joined as president into windows phone just fourteen months ago. He has been shifted into “a time critical opportunity focussed on driving maximum impact in 2012 with windows Phone and windows 8”. Ballmer has put forth the tremendous potentiality of both the operating systems.  In the news, the Chief Executive has appreciated Lees’ efforts for such prosperity of the product in such a short span of time. Since three years, Lees was leading the team of phone windows, and they have progressed a lot in terms of partnerships and changed strategies.

The future

Lees will be replaced by Terry Myerson who will be handling Lees’ responsibilities along with marketing and development. Ballmer said that the obvious choice for replacement was Terry because he has already worked with Windows phone operating system. He stated his expectation that Terry will surely lead the company product to a new direction. He hoped that this transition will be seamless. Ballmer did not fail to announce the appreciation that Nokia that works in close collaboration to Microsoft declared about Lees efforts. Nokia Lumia was launched in the market under the leadership of Andy Lees. He accepted that Andy Lees has done a highly commendable job in respect to Lumia 700.

Microsoft plans to merge the two platforms like Windows 8 and windows phone. Ballmer’s vision is to be “everywhere on every device without compromise”.

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