Microsoft’s Xbox 720 Rumors Hitting the Air

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In the gadgets’ market, there have been a bag-full of rumors lately. Another addition in number is a highly floated rumor about Microsoft’s new gadget. American entertainment website IGN said in conclusion of their talks with sources that remain undisclosed that the successor of the Xbox 360 is being manufactured somewhere in Texas. Apparently, the responsibility for the manufacturing as well as the testing of “Xbox 720” has been given to Flextronics. It is not sure whether the name of the device will be Xbox 720 or what. They also made Microsoft’s other gadgets like the perfect first Xbox, their digital media player called Zune and the Xbox 360, as well.

A sting in the tail

Mitch Dyer from IGN says that most likely, the product developed by Flextronics would be development kits and the like. Microsoft says no new console will be debuted at E3. Therefore, it is also possible that the device being built by the company is not the rumored Xbox 720! Because of the announcement made by Microsoft, many prominent watchers are speculating that the gadget being made in Texas is just another form of the existing Xbox 360 rather than its next generation successor or the “Xbox 720.”

Some new tricks

The new features and functions under the sleeve of Xbox 360 like Kinect. They have also redone the console and attached a new dashboard. All this has been done to ensure the longevity of the Xbox 360 in the gadget market.

It is also rumored “Xbox Lite” is another Microsoft console in the manufacturing process. For Xbox Live downloading, as well as streaming, it apparently incorporates an optical drive. What is also said to be in the store is a processor bade on ARM. In addition, if it is there, it remains unknown whether it is just for

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