Minecraft for Xbox 360 Review

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Minecraft for Xbox 360

Minecraft for Xbox 360

Minecraft is a popular action game published by Mojang in which you create your own random world from nothing. The Xbox 360 version is a live arcade game. It focuses on the creativity of a player, to create his or her own 3D world from scratch and build on it.

Minecraft Modes

There are two modes of gameplay- Creative and Survival. In the creative mode, the gamer has an unending supply of resources. There is no hunger, no health problem, and ability to fly. The Creative mode is not there in this Xbox version of the game- this is not actually a problem because the Survival mode is more realistic and entertaining to play. The Survival mode requires players to maintain their health, hunger and find all resources on their own. There is also a hardcore mode, which is same as the Survival mode except that it has the highest difficulty setting.


The game starts on a world full of mountainous terrains, plains, water bodies and caves and climates ranging from snow covered terrains to deserts. All through the game, the player will have to gamble against mobs- hostile creatures lurking in the dark caves and shadows and at nighttime. In the day, you must hunt and find food and constructing materials. The fight for survival and simultaneously getting to your goals is the catch.

Pros and Cons

The Xbox version of Minecraft is fast and moves on smoothly unlike the PC version, which starts up extremely slowly. In addition, this version has nicely knit tutorial levels. The game has something that strikes a chord with everyone- gaming geeks to newbies.

 The downside of the Mojang Minecraft for Xbox 360 is that the Xbox version 1.2.6 beta is behind the version of the PC game and lacks some modifications and the Creative mode. However, multiplayer and online playing experience has been accomplished.

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