Motion X Sleep 2.0 for iOS Gadgets

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Motion X Sleep 2.0 AppNow someone is there to ensure that your sleep is not disturbed! Place your iPhone near your bed, or wear it in your athletic armband the apps sleep monitoring mode will check you when are resting. The world has come to a stage when your iPhone will now be in your sleep too with Motion X Sleep App version 2.0.

Sleep Monitoring

The iPhone app monitors your movements while you are sleeping and waking up. This gadget shows up your sleep analysis whether you experienced light, moderate, or heavy sleep. It also gives a sleep efficiency number and can track your sleeping data for up to as long as a month. You can even share your sleep analytics on Facebook or Twitter. So now, you can plan your daytime and take a break when your sleep backlog is piled up.

The Unique Alarm Clock and Other Features

The alarm may not sound at the time you have set and will depend on the type of sleep light, moderate, or heavy that you have entered in the app. Therefore, if you have entered the time as 7 am you may be woke up at 6 am if you have entered light sleep. Another cool feature of the Motion X Sleep app is that it reminds you if you are sitting too much at your table. It can act as a pedometer too counting the number of steps while you walk. There is also an ear bud to remind you via voice signals about the distance you have walked and the amount of calories, which you have burned.


The application runs throughout the day and will seriously drain your battery life. You can choose whether the app will monitor your daytime activities or you sleep. In any case, the app is a terrific advisor in your daytime activities and the rest at night.

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