Motorola Droid Razr M Review

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"Droid Razr M"

Droid Razr M

The new Motorola smartphone Droid Razr M has all the potential characteristics that are essential to place the marketer in the list of topmost mobile devices contenders. The gadget priced at $99 will reach consumers on 13 September, with pre-booking already on the go. The classy device is decent looking with upgrade elements packaged into the sleek and slender equipment. The cost-effective model stands out with its intense battery run-time and the 4G LTE services of Verizon.

Droid Razr M Mania

On the positive front are the many elements of notice like the incredible speed due to Qualcomm’s dual-core processor, lightweight capacity, 4.3-inch AMOLED display screen, edge-to-edge panel framework, waterproofing and scratch-resistance construction, and brilliant color interpretations.

The gadget is on par with other famous smartphones but with a much lesser price tag. It is a terrific deal to own a Droid Razr M mobile phone as it is a dream come true for compact and easy-to-hold device lovers, who crave for more with less, on the cost factor aspect. The extended features of this 4.0 Android includes a LED camera (8 megapixel), all-angle uninterrupted video viewing and the phenomenal 600,000 services and Google Play area applications for use.

Pros and Cons

Buy the Motorola’s novel smartphone, a little package delivering massive punches, for its ability to remain intact in the market alongside bigger makers. Providing a clear picture quality on its 960 x 540 pixel AMOLED display, this device is a winner in terms of absolute video output. The multi-faceted usage facilitates the access of a Quick Settings slide-screen option that enables quick checking of the frequently used options like WiFi, GPS, Phone ringtone, and other choices. Kindle your senses with a few added applications available from the Amazon store.

This Ice Cream Sandwich model is not for the camera devotees, as this does not produce up-to-the-mark pictures. The battery is integrated so minutely into the system that is not detachable.

Slick Smartphone

With not many negative features to undermine its market value, the new Motorola Droid Razr M device is the ultimate bonus for gadget enthusiasts, who want to strike a terrific deal for an outstanding quality make.

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