Motorola Xoom Family Edition: The Best Android Tablet

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After the iconic Motorola Xoom became the first Android tablet ever earlier this year, Motorola is releasing another Xoom model, the Xoom Family Edition which promises to challenge the iPad more than its much expensive predecessor.

Although toned down for lowering the price tag, it is believed to perform much better than most tablets, Android or not.

First Android Tablet was a Failure

Motorola Xoom was tagged to challenge Apple iPad2 when it was released in July this year, but it did not as many expected, perhaps because it was overdesigned- as the release of the Xoom Family Edition tells. Motorola Xoom was more heavy and thick than iPad2 and with poor third party software support. It failed just, as it was released. Even the price is comparable to iPad2 and so didn’t turn out to make waves in the tech-savvy public as Motorola and Google expected.

Design Features

The Motorola Xoom Family Edition is lighter in weight and has a tremendous user-oriented external design that makes the gadget aesthetically pleasing. It is quite cosy to hold and take with you. It still features a 16:10 aspect ratio and is intended for viewing, video content as is most Android tablet gadgets.

Its headphone jack and power button is to the left side and has the volume control oriented to increase the volume when pressed to the left, unlike other tablets. The microUSB port is used for both charging and synchronizing. Unlike other tablets, you don’t need to carry around more than one cable. Some tablets like the Galaxy Tab and Transformer allow charging from a PC USB port using an AC to USB adapter, but here you have the first tablet apart from iPad2 that allows you to charge from your PC.

The prices of the Xoom have dropped, and the third party app support has widened. With Xoom Family Edition priced at $359 with similar specifications but with improved design and user convenience.

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