MOTU 4pre Hybrid Review

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This is the first hybrid audio interface available on the market. The 4 pre hybrid offers great mobile flexibility via its FireWire or USB connection. It is easily connected to a PC or Mac computer. It has sample rates of up to 192 kHz and two mic and instrument inputs. This is the perfect audio equipment for vocalist or musicians who want to produce dance music using plug ins and VST instruments.

It works on both Apple and PC computer platforms without any problems. The MOTU 4pre Hybrid has a solid casing, and sturdy knobs, yet is still light enough to carry around with you. It has a wide variety of features, but can still fit into most laptop bags or into an audiophile. This makes it easy to move about or to keep connect ot a main system as it doesnt take up a lot of space.

MOTU 4pre Hybrid Review

The ports on the MOTU 4pre Hybrid make it a snap to connect headphones, instruments and microphones. The inputs are all front facing so you dont have to get up to connect the devices. There is an additional nice feature here that allows you to insert an separate headphone and gives you separate volume control. This makes it easy to change back and forth between applications and mixing arrangements. With the new MOTU 4 pre Hybrid you no longer need external mixers and all the cables that come with it. The hybrid USB/Firewire functionality leaves a little to be desired, but this isnormal especially for new technology. There are several updates available, but the MOTU 4pre hybrid seems to function better on the Apple platform. It is a 4 start, excellent device but it would be nice if the hybrid features did not have small glitches.


Setup can be difficult. It takes a little more than just plug-and-play. You need to install drivers, install the device and you must restart the computer and all the other devices in a certain sequence order. In certain situations you may need to uninstall and then reinstall the driver to make sure it sets up correctly.


If you decide to use a third party SBP2 with drivers you may need to rollback the Windows firewire driver to its default driver to get the FireWire to work with the MOTU. However, this is a Windows issue and does not affect the functioning of the MOTU.

In conclusion the MOTU 4pre hybrid is a nice audio mixer giving you a great deal of variety and mixability and lots of features. It is not, however a beginner’s device and will take some computer knowledge to set up. You need to be able install the drivers and get it sequenced correctly. But once up—it is up so to speak. It is a great piece of hardware but when running a Windows PC you may have some difficulty.

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