Mountain Lion Indicates New iMacs and Mac Pros

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"New Mac Pro"

New Mac Pro Models

Apple’s new operating system for computers and notebooks- the OS X Mountain Lion has rallied in the matter of no time to over 3 million downloads. Apple Insider has brought our attention to two new model numbers inside the Boot Camp- the dual booting software assistant of Mountain Lion. Moreover, that outs the news that two new Mac desktops are on the way!

At the Worldwide Developers’ Conference

At the WWDC 2012, Apple has upgraded its MacBooks notebooks to include upgrades such as the high quality retina displays and newer Intel chipsets. However, the Mac Pro desktops did not receive such a revamp save a modest looking update. Some people even have to think that considering the lucrative market of notebooks and smartphones Apple may be onto slowly phasing out the desktop range.

However, that was not to be. When in June, a customer asked Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, about the future of the Mac Pros he said, that they are working on ‘something really great’ for the next year. The brief statement by Cook made through email drove off any fears and reiterated Apple’s commitment to its desktop computers.

When the releases are expected

Apple has lined up a lot of new releases this year the iPhone 5 coming up along with the launch of the iOS 6 operating system for mobile devices and a smaller iPad, called the iPad Mini, is also expected later this year. Considering such hefty releases coming this year the Mac Pros may be released next year only. There was also an indication from Cook’s statement.

The Mac Pros may not feature optical drives. Apple Insider says that Apple may use SSD RAID technology, and there are strong speculations of a retina display. Although, MacBook gadgets have bossed Mac Pro desktops have been doing well in an otherwise dull market.

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