Nikon S1100pj Hasn’t Been Bested Yet

Although not brand new in terms of electronics, it must be stated that the Nikon S1100pj has yet to be topped.  Released in 2010 this camera is by far one of the biggest must haves for anyone wanting to capture family or travel memories without having to lug around an incredibly large piece of hardware.  This incredible compact digital camera is small enough to fit into any suitcase, but impressive enough to satisfy all of your amateur photography needs.

What makes the Nikon S1100pj so unique?  This little camera is one of only two that has an integrated projector.  That’s right, not only can you take the pictures, but you can also play them back onto any plain wall or canvas.  This feature uses two separate lenses on the front of the camera.  The first is the typical camera focusing lens that takes the picture.  The second lens enables viewing the pictures by the use of the fourteen lumen projector with the built in stand.  This stand tilts the camera backwards while maintaining stability and focus.  The projection process can be controlled using the ML-L4 remote that comes standard with the camera.

Nikon S1100pj  review

When not using the projection mode, this camera from Nikon’s ever popular Coolpix line is controlled by the three inch LCD touchscreen located on the back of the camera.  A revolutionary feature of this screen is the automatic focus and picture taking that can be enabled.  All the photographer has to do is touch the area of the screen on which they wish to zoom and the camera will focus and automatically take the picture.  The optical zoom on this unit is an impressive five times and includes the standard vibration reduction feature to prevent blurred photos.  When you are done you can view the pictures using the optional slide show feature that flashes the photos while playing music.

On a single charge of battery the Nikon S1100pj can take up to two hundred and twenty pictures.  Any one of these photos can be taken using a wide variety of features.  For those who take a wide range of pictures in different types of atmospheres, there are a total of sixteen preprogrammed scene modes.  These modes allow the camera to choose the control of flash and auto focus for situations ranging from low-light to fireworks displays.  Also included, is the consumer favorite Smart Portrait.  This unique option allows the camera to track the face closest to the center of the frame and close the shutter when a smile is detected.  If your subject tends to blink when they smile, you can activate blink proof, that takes two pictures in rapid succession and discards the one where the subject has their eyes closed.

Nikon S1100pj  review

For video recordings the Nikon S1100pj is no slouch.  Consumers continue to rave about the 1280 X 720 mpeg4 capability.  This camera uses Quicktime Mov and is one of the most user friendly digital recording devices on the market.  For all of your family’s video needs this is the must have camera.  With the Nikon S1100pj family movie and picture night will never be the same.


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