Nintendo 3DS XL Review

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Nintendo finally announced the launch of its portable gaming console- the 3DS XL after just one and half years of the 3DS unveiling.

Nintendo 3DS XL

Nintendo 3DS XL

.There are not many changes though, which is truly much on expected lines since the company already has a reputation for repeating its product launch. However, the fact remains that Nintendo has been successful nevertheless.


Some of the specifications are given below:

• Screen- 4.88 inch top screen, 4.18 inch bottom screen, 1.35 and 1.16 inches larger than 3DS

• Battery life- up to 6.5 hours of 3D, up to 10 hours of DS gaming

• Storage memory- up to 4 GB SD cards compared to 2 GB in 3DS

The Good Things

The portable gaming console that it is, some people may fret the hand cramps due to long playing time, but the comfortable grip along with superior viewing on larger screens and option it may not be such a terrible thing. This bigger model has not gone for a hefty price tag, and at $199; it is adequately priced in step with the competition. In addition, to woo in new gamers the release has been timed extremely well with the release of some games like Super Mario Bros 2. The biggest plus in favor of upgrading to the new version of the portable console is not the bigger screen it is the improved battery life.


The biggest and the most popular one is remarkably well known in gaming circles. There is no second circle pad. The reasons for not ditching the second circle pad are the same functionality being provided by the touchscreen and direction sensing gyroscopic capabilities, but the effect on the gaming experience is a difficult thing to predict. Moreover, another thing is that the portability of the device is in question with weight increasing to 336 g and bigger dimensions making it difficult to carry around.

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