Nintendo Wii U Hitting the Market in November: US and Europe Markets to See First

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"Nintendo Wii U"

Nintendo Wii U

Senior Official at Nintendo has made an official declaration that the gaming console Nintendo Wii will be available in the market by November. Europe and US market will be the first to see the new consoles that will be able to connect to Video Streaming gadgets, as well as an act as a home entertainment system.

High time to hit the market with two versions

The holiday season is the best time to launch any gaming product and online presentations will be available in Japan, North America along with Europe. The basic version and an advanced version of the Nintendo Wii U will be available- the basic version will be having a memory of 8GB whereas the advanced version will have a memory of 32 GB.

It is equipped with a touch screen enabling it to have only single gamepad control. Streaming video from Amazon, Hulu, or Netflix, will be extremely easy now, and you will be able to watch it on your TV. The touch pad is added with more features- for example if you are watching a sports event, you will be updated with statistics as well as box scores.

Advanced gaming options

The President of Nintendo Reggie Fils-Aime, has said in the same interview that the gaming options will be far more attractive with newer features, even though he will not disclose what will be initially available at the moment. He has specified that by the end of March next year, about fifty games will be available among which the immensely popular Super Mario Brothers, Call of Duty-Black Ops, and Metroid will be some.

The PlayStation Franchise will make it even more attractive and surely, this will offer tough competition to the gaming consoles of Sony.

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