Nokia Expects Windows Phone to Reverse Setbacks

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Nokia expects that its new line of Windows phones with a tiled interface that will feature in Windows8, the latest operating system that would be soon launched by Microsoft Inc., to give a boost to the company in dire streets wilting from the strong competition from iPhone and Android gadgets.

The company has been losing market share using its ten year old Symbian systems. The new Nokia Lumina 800 will be the first ever “real” Windows phone device, as Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop puts it.

A New Smartphone Ecosystem

Lumina is expected to be launched in the US market in 2012. The major challenge of the Windows phone is to compete with Android, as a “third ecosystem”. In the smartphone market, Nokia shares plummeted from 50.8 to 16 percent in the third quarter after the iPhone was introduced. The only hope of the still largest mobile unit supplier of the world is to emulate the success of Android, which presently holds about 52.5 percent of the market. Nokia is quickly on its feet reorganizing its sales force and planning reentry strategies.

Nokia Loosing Foothold

Nokia had lost staggering 60 billion euros equivalent to $81 billion since Apple launched its sheer popular iPhone mobile gadgets in 2007. Since then Nokia has seen declining profits and revenue. The stock market scenario was pretty dim too with shares dropping about 36 percent this year till today. The explosion of Android in the market has further sidelined the mobile phone major based in Finland.

Nokia is banking on Microsoft to redeem its fortune, as the tiled interface, which dynamically update, with new information in each square tile will be featuring on the next version of Microsoft’s OS, the Windows8. The popularity of Microsoft’s OS is expected to bring more demand to the   mobile devices than the devices with other OS. The 420 euro Lumina 800 and 270 euro Lumia 710 devices may be sold anywhere between 1 million and 1.5 million units, according to analysts from Morgan Stanley.


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