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True there is nothing better than a smartphone for everyday use, but how would you feel if you were told you had to take that baby out into the woods or for a hike through the mountains. Chances are, you would run screaming and protecting that shiny new toy like it was a sack of gemstones. There are plenty of people in this world who love their smartphones during the business week and curse at them on the weekends. You simply can’t take the delicate pieces of electronic gadgetry anywhere that it might not be protected and safe.

nokia-x1-01 review

Well it is time for you to come out of your smartphone bubble and start living life again. With Nokia’s X1-01 not only you, but your whole family will be able to start enjoying the outdoors. This ingenius new phone is inexpensive and is revolutionary. The X1-01 is a dual SIM phone. Not only can you store two separate SIM cards in the durable body, but you can actually receive phone calls from either one simultaneously. No more replacing one for the other so that you and your wife can make your own calls. One phone and two SIM cards, the manufacturers over at Nokia keep being inventive.

But you are thinking, surely our contact lists will either be non existent or jumbled. Nope, the X1-01 actually stores up to five completely separate and independent phone books, so everyone can access their own. When you take a family vacation there will be no need for every member to pack a separate phone. One or two of the X1-01 and you will be able to travel light.

Although you won’t be able to surf the web from the Nokia X1-01, you will be able to have music around the campfire. This phone is actually considered a replacement mp3 player and with the following specifications you can see why. There are dedicated music keys built into the phone allowing you to control solely your tunes. And with the ability to support up to a 16GB microSD card, you will never be without your favorite playlist. If you are feeling the need to catch up on the latest hit songs since you have been camping, then switch the X1-01 over to the portable FM radio feature. Your music choices will only be as limited as the radio station’s range.

If you are worried about the spooky aspects of quiet and dark forests, the Nokia X1-01 will be your best friend. Nokia is claiming that the loudspeaker on this inexpensive model is actually the strongest and loudest they have ever produced. So start scaring some bears. However, if you feel as if you are still being advanced upon by creatures of the night, you may want to shine a light into the darkness. You heard it right, this phone is equipped with a built-in onboard flashlight that can illuminate some of the darkest surroundings.

By and far if you are the outdoors type who likes to take family camping trips, then the Nokia X1-01 is an essential for any pack of gear. Don’t worry about the price either because this unit is probably the cheapest piece of equipment you will buy for your travels. Stop hiding with your smartphone and get back into the great outdoors.

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