Nook Prices Slashed on Nook Tablet and Color Devices

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Nook Tablet

Nook Tablet

 has slashed the prices of the Nook tablet and the Nook Color reader the 8 GB Nook tablet and Color got cheaper by $20 at $180 and $150 respectively while the 16 GB gadgets has seen a price drop of $50 to retail at $200! The reductions can be attributed to the stiff competition from Amazon’s Kindle and Kindle Fire and Google’s Nexus 7 tablets.

The Changing Tablet Scenario

The markdown from the bookseller follows particularly intriguing developments going on in the tablet world. The surprise announcement in June of the Surface range of tablets from a software giant like Microsoft and the release of the Google Nexus 7 tablets at the end of June. The Nexus 7 belongs to the same low-end tablet market as the Amazon Kindle Fire or the Nook slate.

The catch here is that Nexus 7 unlike the Kindle Fire and the Nook is a full-fledged tablet. Nook and Kindle Fire are low cost tuned down slates with many limitations. They are primarily made for content sales and lack common slate features like camera, Bluetooth and GPS. Although the Nexus 7 misses wireless broadband and a rear camera, it ticks all other boxes. On top of that, the price is $199, the same as that of the Nook.

The Microsoft Effect

The Nook price cut may also point to another event- partnership with Microsoft sign in April this year that requires the software giant to invest as much as $300 million. The partnership will be run as a subsidiary under the folds of Barnes and Noble, and the focus is obviously to bring out an e-textbook platform to e-readers and other gadgets to compete with Apple’s iBooks. Barnes and Noble may also be in for a major revamp of it product line as indicated by the hefty price cuts.

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